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Cotton Ball Lights also known as Fairy Lights…

January 26, 2015

Are you as much in love with those cotton fairy lights as we are? They look absolutely amazing anywhere we hang them- on a bed headboard, mantlepiece, wall, around a mirror… Endless possibilities…

Their light is ideal for baby and kids‘ rooms- delicate, adding colour to the little ones‘ world.

I love the way the room gets cozy on a dark winter’s night:

I haven’t tried to decorate a table for a festive family dinner with them yet but here are some ideas:

I also love the idea of using multiple strings for parties such as garden or birthday parties or first communions. They look great in shop or restaurant windows too!!!

Some technical facts: they are wonderful handmade products made of high-quality thread. Led lights are placed on an approx 3 metre string and there are 20, 35 or 50 balls of different colours to be arranged on the string. The balls come seprately in a box and the set requires some self assembly. But it’s a piece of cake!

If you are looking for more stunning inspirations, visit Pinterest: or if you are looking for a set for yourself- visit our shop:



Christmas…no, Hanna’s Birthday is coming!!!

December 9, 2014

When myself and my sister were little girls we admired beautiful toys in toys catalogues and dreamt of having them. When we got our first Barbie dolls we made them a doll’s house. We brought 6 cardboard boxes from the nearby shop, sneaked into our father’s workshop and „stole“ some screws to attach the boxes together. We painted the walls, cut out windows, and made curtains. It was not easy to get doll’s furniture in the shops back then so we also made some wobbly pieces ourselves. Then we played for hours. And hours.

My daughter is three this week and I was thinking hard what present to get her. She has play food products, a pretend shop and kitchen which she often plays with. Play Dough and Lego Duplo are also her favourites but I wanted something new, something different. I didn’t know what until I saw her with wooden spoons in the kitchen one day- she called the biggest one a daddy, the medium one- a mommy and, obviouly the smallest one was Hanna. Then she started a conversation beetween them, changing the tone of her voice and moving the spoons as if they were little dolls. That picture caught me by surprise. I watched her fascinated. And I realized she is ready for a doll’s house!!!

I was looking for doll’s houses for a long time. I had certain expectations- I wanted excellent quality, beautiful design, durability and value for money but also kept it in mind the product must be affordable. No plastic- wood only, no lights and melodies,  pastel colors instead of flashy pink everywhere. I found Le Toy Van and their wooden products and it was love from the first sight. I think they have doll’s houses we dreamt of with my sister when we were little. And I would like to be a child again, to be playing with my sister for hours and hours. I hope I will get a chance to be involved in a pretend family life again with my daughter. I hope she invites me to her play…

My childhood cardboard doll’s house is only a memory now but I am sure my daughter’s children will play with the wooden doll’s house I bought for her too- it will last for generations.

Here are some photos from my Pinterest collection:

Great Little Trading Co: Kids toys and furniture in pink

-via Gingerbread House

Roze meisjeskamer met Mimilou muursticker hertje

the boo and the boy: girls' rooms

인형의집#돌하우스#인형놀이 #일상#육아#주말#애스타그램

1日1回はドールハウスの中をチェック✨女の子が生まれたら絶対買いたかったもののひとつ 5歳 子供部屋 ドールハウス Girl's room in Japan

Le Toy Van dockhus

Feels like a life time ago she was in a cot. From Little Dwellings, Interior Designer For Children.

Holly's DIY Delight My Room | Apartment Therapy

Le Toy Van Lavender House

Kristallkrona och pasteller

Find more inspirations on my Pinterest:

Le Toy Van’s products can be bought here:

We will definietly post a review of the doll’s house soon:)

Have a great week!!!